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phone: 301-881-0270
fax: 301-770-9131


Pick up & Drop off Hours:
Monday through Friday, 6 am - 5:30 pm

Various shipping/courier services are available.

Please note that all orders are subject to these conditions:

The Customer assumes all liability under the Copyright Laws. Video Transfer, Inc., respectfully points out that its prices are never proportionate to the value of the materials entrusted to it. Customer's tape or other property are received, duplicated, shipped, and stored by this company only at the Customer's risk, and this company does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to Customer's property from any cause whatsoever, including negligence. Lost or damaged tape will be replaced with new raw stock without admission of liability or responsibility. There are no other warranties, expressed or implied, and in no event is this company liable for consequential or incidental damages.